celebrating the culture of Kombucha


BOOCHFEST promises to blow your mind. It's a place to meet the makers, try new flavours, and celebrate the culture of kombucha. 

We bring unique kombucha experiences to satisfy your thirst.

Kombucha from around the world

SCOBY Fashion

Home Brew Marketplace

Alcohol Free Outdoor Concert

What to 


Kombucha culture is strong and diverse. Experience it in action this summer as you taste kombucha from around the world, take part in yoga in the park, participate in family friendly activities, enjoy yummy and healthy food, listen to live music, listen to the CJLO live broadcast, groove with CJLO DJs, and make new friends. 

Home Brewers

We know the culture of kombucha begins at home. That's why we put home brewers in the spotlight with the World Homemade Kombucha Competition. We have international competitors competing for the world's best home brew!

Giving Back

We realize that in order to grow the collective kombucha culture, it's important to give back to a non-profit partner who is advocating for the kombucha industry.

We proudly donate 5% of all revenue to Kombucha Brewers International. 


VIP Lounge

If you're a real kombucha lover, then the VIP experience is for you. Enjoy access to all workshops and more!

~Access to VIP Lounge

~Mocktail Bar hosted by ARTélixir featuring RISE Kombucha and LOOP Juice.

~Kombucha Skin Care Spa Treatment

~SCOBY Fashion Installation


King Q&A

Ever wanted to spend time with a kombucha expert? Well, now is your chance to have your burning kombucha question answered by Montreal's Kombucha King.

With a background in Chemistry and Biology, Seb has continually honed his passion for Food Science. He spent several years as VP of R&D for the biggest Kombucha company in Canada.


Stop by his booth, ask your question, perfect your kombucha!



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